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    Holmes & Co,. LLC produces hardwood lumber from Native American Species that include Walnut, Ash, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Basswood, Poplar, and more. Holmes & Co,. Inc sells it's products mainly to Wholesalers. We have a Hardwood Retail Store that is open to the public. Larry "Gene" Almendinger owns the company, which is headed by Daniel Almendinger (President ). The company is a member of the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association, and The National Hardwood Lumberman's Association.


Holmes & Co. LLC., is located in Columbia City, IN.  It is an operation that has prospered since its' founding in 1946. Even though the company has grown into a large forest products manufacturer, Holmes and Co. still manages to treat each customer as if he or she were the only customer.

The company was founded when David Holmes bought the former Colter Bros. Lumber Co. in Kendallville, IN.  Which was located near the Michigan and Ohio borders.  In 1954, the Kendallville mill burned down, but Holmes was undaunted.  He bought another mill which was the Columbia City Hardwood Company in Columbia City, IN; the present site of Holmes & Co., Inc.

The Holmes family rebuilt the facility in 1975, making it a modern and efficient facility. They installed a green chain, dry kilns and pre-dryers at their twenty-acre facility. The Columbia City facility is located 50 miles from the Michigan state line.

In 1983, the company continued to grow.   Larry "Gene" Almendinger, who now acts as CEO, became a partner of Holmes & Co. Inc.  In 2001 Gene became the sole owner of the operation.

Throughout the years, the company has made every effort to recognize the need for modernization.  In doing so, they have taken the necessary steps to make those changes.

In 1986, Holmes & Co., LLC added a dry lumber inspection building and a wood fire boiler.  In 1989, they added a 750,ooo board feet capacity pre-dryer.   In 1990, seven 50,ooo board foot irvington Moore dry kilns were added.  The following year, in 1991, the firm installed a second wood fire boiler.  Then, in 1993, a Newman 282 Surfacer was installed.  As well as a new warehouses and additional office space was built.

In 2002, Holmes & Co., LLC installed a cleereman 36-inch log turner in their six foot band mill.

In 2005, the addition of  two SII 30,ooo board foot dry kilns, ran by siemen controllers and plcs took place.  Two years later, in 2007 a 30,000 board ft, SII walnut steam vat ran off of Allen Bradley controls was incorporated into the operation.

The most recent addition to the facility is an Inovec Stereo Scan Carriage Optimizer.

Currently, Holmes & Co., LLC  maintains an average of 2 million board of kiln-dried and 2 million million board feet of green lumber in their inventory. All lumber that is 6/4" and above is predried before it goes into kilns.

Holmes & Co., LLC specializes in the production of heavy stock, offering 4/4" through 16/4".   Species at the facility include; Red and White Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Hard and Soft Maple, Poplar, Hickory and Ash.

Larry "Gene" Almendinger stated, " We are one of the few operations that offer 12/4" to 16/4" stock. When you get into the really thick stock, there are several variables that must be considered.  For example, texture would be one of the most important characteristics to consider.  Also, the opening of the log.  We take all of those factors into consideration when we manufacture it.  It can take well over a year  to process the heavy stock.

Holmes & Co., LLC exports a portion of their 4/4" through 16/4" products by container and truck. Loading containers are handled on site at the facility.  We take great pride in assuring our international customers receive the excellent quality of lumber that Holmes & Co.LLC has gained notarity for.

Most of Holmes' timber comes from within a 200 mile radius of their facility.  Those states consist of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.

Holmes & Co., LLC employs 50 individuals, some of which have been with the company for over 30 years.  Aside from the owner, Larry "Gene" Almendinger, and his son, Daniel Almendinger there are other key employees whom assist in the daily operations of the mill.  They are as follows; Mista Feist - Sales Manager; Stephanie Greer - Office Manager, William Shelmadine - Mill Superintenden, and Andrew Kessie Timber Buyer.

Holmes & Co,. LLC is a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Assoc., the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Assoc., and the Indiana Classified Forest Program.

Holmes & Co.,LLC's renovations prove that they are striving to provide their customers with quality product and service.  Gene and Daniel Almendinger said, " We will continue to improve our facility as needed....whatever it takes to keep our customers coming back."





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